Information & Support During the Tenure Process

People to Consult

In your department

  • Department Chair
  • Department Mentor/Guidance Committee
  • Department Oversight (Evaluation) Committee



  • …departmental policies & practices, mentoring
  • …your tenure clock
  • …written annual evaluation

In your school or college

  • Associate Dean
  • Personnel Representative


  • …tenure cases
  • …benefits, parental leave, personnel data

Office of Human Resources

  • Workforce Relations
  • Benefits Services


  • …university policies on leave
  • …employment benefits & leave

Office of the Provost

  • Michael Bernard-Donals, Vice Provost for Faculty & Staff
  • Steven M. Cramer, Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning
  • Patrick J. Sims, Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer


  • …collegial relations, mentoring, and tenure
  • ..teaching & learning issues
  • …diversity & climate issues

Office of the Secretary of the Faculty

  • Steven K. Smith, Secretary of the Faculty
  • Lindsey Stoddard Cameron, Faculty Services
  • Michaela Aust, Divisional Committees


  • …questions concerning FP&P and the tenure process
  • …stopping the tenure clock
  • …faculty events & programs
  • …answers/referrals for your questions
  • …model dossiers and the tenure process

Women Faculty Mentoring Program

  • Naomi Chesler, Faculty Director
  • Lindsey Stoddard Cameron, Faculty Services


  • …extradepartmental mentoring for women faculty
    and best practices in mentoring
  • …requesting a match in the WFMP
  • …WFMP events