Reflecting on the First Year

Spring 2024 date to be announced

1. What were your biggest surprises – both pleasant and less pleasant – about your first year experience? Tell us about your best experience at UW-Madison in your first year.

2. Were there things your department, school or college did to make you feel “at home” that were particularly meaningful and helpful to you? What can we do in the year ahead to help you feel “at home” at UW-Madison?

3. How would you describe your experience in navigating the research and scholarship resources available at the university and in your unit? What resources would you like to see more of? Less of?

4. Tell us about your teaching experience. What met your expectations and what didn’t? Were you able to engage in a faculty development program such as MTLE, Blend@UW, TeachOnLine, or some other program this year? If so, how did it work, and was it worthwhile?

5. Do you have the information you need about UW-Madison’s tenure process? Has your department assigned a mentor or guidance committee? An evaluation committee?

6. What do you wish you had known coming in, and what can we do to ensure that other new and incoming faculty know it?