Making the Most of Your First Year – Faculty Participation in Shared Governance

Anja Wanner, Past Chair, University Committee

Shared Governance

Governance of the university is a process by which faculty, staff, students, and administrators have co-created and sustained a great university.

UW-Madison governance groups include:

  • University Committee, Faculty Senate
  • Academic Staff Executive Committee, Academic Staff Assembly
  • University Staff Central Committee, University Staff Congress
  • Associated Students of Madison (ASM)

Levels of Faculty Participation

  • Faculty Member
  • Department (Faculty, Executive Committee)
  • College/School (Academic Planning Council, college/school committees)
  • Divisional Committees: tenure recommendations, appointments to campus committees, awards
    (Executive committees of four faculty divisions: Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Studies)
  • UW-Madison campus (Faculty Senate, University Committee, “Chapter 6” committees)

Faculty Senate

  • Representatives are elected from faculty districts (departments)
  • Exercises the authority of faculty
    • Governance of campus subject to powers of chancellor
    • Educational policy
    • Admissions and graduation requirements
    • Rules and procedures for faculty review
  • Meets 7 times each year
    • First Mondays, 3:30 p.m., 272 Bascom Hall
    • 1st meeting: 1 October 2018

University Committee

  • Executive committee of the Faculty Senate
  • Members elected by/from entire faculty to staggered 3-year terms:
    • Rick Amasino, Biochemistry (chair)
    • Barb Bowers, Nursing
    • Paul Campagnola, Biomedical Engineering
    • Steve Ventura, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and Soil Science
    • Terry Warfield, Accounting & Information Systems
    • Kirsten Wolf, German, Nordic, Slavic

University Committee Oversight

  • Speaks and acts for faculty on policy
  • Exceptional personnel actions
  • Committee memberships
  • Consultation and advice based on Faculty Policies & Procedures (FP&P), including grievances

Your Role: Participation in shared governance is a right & responsibility of all faculty!

  • Join in the governance of your department
  • Sit in on a Faculty Senate meeting
  • Move toward participation in campus governance
  • Join PROFS