Older faculty resolutions

Resolution Calling for the Creation and Implementation of a Campus-wide Climate Action Plan (November 2017)

Resolution in support of transgender students, faculty, and staff (May 2017)

Resolution calling for fair and equitable pay for faculty assistants (April 2017, rev October 2017)

Resolution in solidarity with students, staff, and faculty experiencing discrimination (December 2016)

Resolution to Support UW-Madison Undocumented Students (December 2016)

Resolution on Cultural Competency (May 2016)

Resolution of the Committee on Women in the University: Regarding the UW-Madison Sexual Assault Climate Survey Task Force Report and Recommendations (February 2016)

Resolution on AFT-Wisconsin Higher Education Council Statement on Tenure and Indefinite Status (November 2015)

Resolution Regarding Legislative Restrictions on Fetal Tissue Research (November 2015)

Resolution on Concealed Carry (November 2015)

Resolution on Shared Governance (March 2015)

Resolution on the UW System budget (February 2015)

Resolution on condemning any limitations to the free exchange and exploration of ideas, and any academic boycott or similar policy that threatens to distort the mission of academic organizations (February 2014)

Resolution regarding climate change and fossil fuels divestment (May 2013)