Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty Meeting on 11/03/2021

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty Meeting on 11/03/2021 at 03:00pm

Meeting will take place remotely:

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty Meeting
Wednesday, November 3, 2021 3:00 pm (Open to the Public)
Online/Dial-In (Please see email for Zoom link)
1. Call to order
If there are concerns about the agenda, please raise them during the Announcements.
2. Approval of prior meeting minutes: Oct. 6, 2021
Please review the minutes prior to the meeting, as we will approve them automatically by general consent if there are no objections raised.
3. Announcements – including our monthly “safety minute” and “climate minute”
4. Introduction of new ECE staff: Daniel Goana, ECE Accountant (started Aug 2021) and Ellorah Wood, ECE Office Manager/Event Coordinator (started Nov 2021)
5. DEI Committee (Roald): information item** regarding H1-B visas for international faculty
6. ECE Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Lesieutre)
a. Presentation and discussion** of an updated proposal from the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to introduce an advanced math requirement for the BS-EE degree (Lesieutre):
Choose one from among the following:
MATH 319 Techniques in Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 320 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
MATH 340 Elementary Matrix and Linear Algebra
ECE 532 Matrix Methods in Machine Learning (ECE teaching of linear algebra)
ECE 334 State Space Systems Analysis (ECE teaching of differential equations)
b. Discussion about ABET expectations for senior design projects
7. Review of the College of Engineering’s proposal to establish a Center for Innovation in Engineering Education at the UW-Madison (Hagness) and motion* to provide a departmental letter of support/endorsement of the proposal for the CoE deadline of 11/19/21.
8. ECE Ph.D. Graduate Committee (Behdad):
a. Discussion of plans to bring a motion to replace the current Ph.D. Qualifying Exam at the December 1, 2021 faculty meeting
b. Review and discussion of Graduate Learning Outcomes report (Milenkovic), due to the Provost’s office by 12/3/21.
9. Miscellaneous business
10. Adjourn
* This item needs a motion from the floor and a second. ** Postponed from October 6, 2021 faculty meeting agenda

Open to the public