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Faculty-elected committees

Elections will be held April 2-April 15 via

A preview of the candidate statements received so far:

  • University Committee: candidate statements

    current membership:

    Department: Biomedical Engineering (BME; primary), Medical Physics (secondary)

    Division: Biological Sciences

    UW-Madison faculty since: 2010; formerly Cell Biology department, University of Connecticut Health Center.

    Highest degree (year and university): PhD 1992 Yale University

    University service: Current: Chair of graduate advising BME (6 years), Biological sciences divisional committee (4th year; previously co-chair and co-vice chair), Physical Sciences fellowship competition committee (3 years), Hartwell Foundation review. Previous: vice-chair BME (2 years), Medical Scientist Training Program admissions (3 years), Honorary Degrees (2 years)

    I wish to serve on the University Committee to provide guidance into academic and administrative policy for the University, where I believe I bring a wide range of research, educational, and service experiences from my current position as well as my former position. I was trained as a physical chemist and my research is highly interdisciplinary, where I actively collaborate with faculty from medical school departments, physical science departments, as well as other departments in the College of Engineering (COE). I have been active in new course development and I am also a member of a national grant writing mentoring network for young scientists. I have performed extensive reviewing for NIH and NSF, including center grants. I am active in my professional societies in editorial roles, organizing meetings and serving on awards committees. I have worked extensively with BME and the COE staff in my administrative roles as well as in interviewing numerous new prospective BME staff members.

    (Statement not yet submitted)


    (Statement not yet submitted)

    Kirsten Wolf is the Torger Thompson Chair and WARF named Kim Nilsson Professor in the Department of German, Nordic and Slavic. She has been a member of the faculty since 2001. She has spent a total of 19 years in her 29-year academic career as department chair. She is currently an associate chair in the Department of German, Nordic and Slavic. She has served on numerous university and college committees, including the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee, the Committee on Honorary Awards, the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, the Named Awards Committee (Arts and Humanities Division) and the Executive Committee of the Arts and Humanities Division.

    There are many reasons why it is a pleasure to work at UW-Madison. One is, of course, the university’s commitment to excellence in teaching and research. Another is the Wisconsin Idea. A third is the strong system of faculty governance. Prior to my appointment at UW-Madison, I held positions at universities in Denmark and Canada with a governance that might be characterized as top-down and top-heavy. UW-Madison, in contrast, has a lean administration, and faculty members have a say in decision-making. If elected to serve on the University Committee, my main goal is to ensure that the voices of faculty members continue to be heard and respected in order to maintain or even strengthen this healthy and beneficial tradition of faculty involvement. I am especially committed to the well-being of minority groups—such as First Nation people, people of color, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community—and want to do the utmost to ensure that their voices are heard.

  • Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities: candidate statements

    Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

    Current membership:

    I have been a faculty member at UW-Madison for 25 years, and in that time I have developed a deep respectfor the role that shared governance plays in the business of the university. Although rare, instances of faculty misconduct, dismissal, and non-renewal deserve the fullest extent of due process and care that a faculty committee can provide. I am committed to carefully investigating and representing faculty, departmental, and administrative actions and responses to fully understand cases that come before the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities. I have been fortunate to serve on this committee twice during my career, and havefound each opportunity renewed my sense of respect to the commitment we all make to shared governance.I would be honored to serve again if selected.

    Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering (primary) and Biomedical Engineering. Member of the faculty since 1987. Founding chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (1999-2010). Discovery Fellow, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.

    Having served as a department chair and on the Executive Committee of several departments and programs at UW-Madison, in my experience I am cognizant of the numerous challenges probationary faculty members face, as well as understanding the many factors and considerations that departments weigh in making vital decisions regarding promotion and tenure. If elected I pledge to exercise fairness and sound judgement in fulfilling the very important role that the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee serves.

    The About section of UW-Madison home page describes our campus as “a catalyst for the extraordinary.” I concur wholeheartedly, and hope that my past UW-Madison service as well as the service I might provide as a member of the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities makes some small contribution to this mission.

    Brief Bio and Summary of UW-Madison Service

    Ph.D., Economics (Virginia, 1985). Postdoc, Health Economics (Yale, 1986-1988). Professor, Population Health Sciences (since 1997). Affiliate Professor, La Follette School of Public Affairs. Faculty affiliate: Center for Demography and Ecology, Center for Demography of Health and Aging, Institute for Research on Poverty, Center for Financial Security. Co-director of graduate training, Center for Demography and Ecology (since 2012). Co-director, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars Program (2004-2016). Steering committee member, UW-Madison Federal Statistical Research Data Center (FSRDC) (since 2016).

    Committee service (university, division, school): Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Boycotts (2014-15); Social Studies Divisional Committee (2011-2014); Academic Planning Council, SMPH (2006-2009); Health Sciences Division Task Force (2002-2003; chair); SMPH Tenure-Track Promotions Committee (1999-2002; chair 2001-2002).

    joining the UW in 1991, I’ve enjoyed the rights and respected the responsibilities of faculty status. I’ve been fortunate that my statistics research has allowed me to collaborate with dozens of UW colleagues. I recognize the importance of questions faced by the Committee of Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, I’m honored to be nominated, and would do my best to serve this committee if elected.

    Candidate Statement not yet received

    Rank of Professor. Chair of Food Science department (2010-present). Member of the UW-M faculty since 2001. Past Faculty Senator (District 11). Served on a host of departmental and college (CALS) committees, including those stewarding financial, personnel and facilities issues.

    I have always placed a high value and respect on the governance structures in place at the UW-M. After nearly eight years as department chair with a large and diverse student and personnel population (as well as overseeing the highly complicated processes involved in operating Babcock Dairy plant), I have gained a great perspective on the need to be careful and thoughtful about the processes that not only maintain the integrity of this institution, but are responsive and respectful of the incredible diversity and capacities manifest in the faculty that campus employs. I believe that my serving on this committee will provide an experienced perspective not only on the application of our abiding policies (e.g. FP&P), but also one of identifying a means of nurturing the values and talents of all faculty presented to the committee.


  • Commission on Faculty Compensation And Economic Benefits: candidate statements

    Commission on Faculty Compensation And Economic Benefits
    Current membership:

    Assistant Professor (affiliate in Population Health Sciences); member of the faculty since 2014.

    University service: UWell Partnership Council (2017-current); Department of Kinesiology Graduate Studies Committee (2016-current); Faculty Senate Alternate (2017-current), District 31.

    Our faculty are a critical component of our institutional strength and prestige. Recent trends have exacerbated our ongoing difficulties in offering and maintaining competitive faculty compensation packages. These include issues related to recruitment, retention, salary compression, and salary stagnation. While many universities face a challenging funding environment, chronic faculty undercompensation at UW – Madison relative to peer institutions is a substantial concern. As a tenure-track faculty member, I bring recent experience in the job market as well as experience from my previous position on the faculty at another public R1 institution. I would therefore be honored to join the Committee on Faculty Compensation and Economic Benefits to contribute to UW –Madison’s continued creative problem-solving on compensation issues.

    Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature (Affiliate Gender and Women’s Studies and Afro-American Studies). Member of the faculty since 2014. Former Faculty Senate Alternate and Faculty Senator, District 51.

    Following various decreases in funding and the diminution of other resources in recent years, the need to both recruit and retain UW’s top-quality faculty has become increasingly apparent. I hope to offer my service to this committee in the spirit of transparency and solidarity, as we continue working toward ameliorating these problems.

    (Candidate statement not yet received)

    The past several years have seen unilateral changes to our terms and conditions of employment, stagnating wages and increases in contributions, co-payments and deductibles that have eroded the value of our benefits. I have advocated for faculty interests through membership on the PROFS steering committee and AFT Local #223 (United Faculty and Academic Staff) as well as through helping to reinstate the over 100-year-old UW-Madison Chapter of the American Association of University Professors. The Commission on Faculty Compensation and Economic Benefits has been not only a steadfast advocate on behalf of the faculty, but through its research efforts, it promises to significantly improve the evidence base from which we can advocate for better policy. I believe that I would be able to bring a useful perspective to FCEB during these challenging times, and it would be an honor to serve the faculty as a member.

    (Candidate statement not yet received)

    Associate Professor and faculty member since 2013. PROFS Steering Committee member, Faculty Senate member (District 28), co-chair of university’s Committee on Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions, and Financial Aid (CURAFA), and member of School of Education Programs Committee. I will represent and advocate for the best interests of faculty members’ compensation and benefits. My familiarity with higher education finance data and peer group comparisons should serve the committee well in its planning efforts. I am committed to – and am eager to actively engage with – shared governance.

  • University Library Committee: candidate statements

    University Library Committee candidate statements

    Current membership:

    As a dedicated UW faculty member, I am running for a position in the University Library Committee primarily because I am interested in serving the community and would like to “give back” to the University. I don’t have experience in serving on a university-level committee but this election may open a door for me to begin my service for the University.

    Assistant professor of Medical Genetics, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Faculty since 2011. From 2011-2013 I was particularly active in the Laboratory of Genetics Computing Committee, where I contributed much to an important hire.

    Libraries have long been fascinating to me and I would be honored to serve on the Library Committee. They are where we store the fruits of scientific work and where we go to find what has been done before and have been changing profoundly with the advent of the digital age. I would be excited to bring my background in organizing information in various disciplines to the library committee in order to contribute towards making libraries the exciting information hubs that we need for navigating the information overload of our time.

    Professor, jointly in the Depts. of Statistics and of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics (BMI), since 1990. Former member of: Campus Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities; School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) Faculty Advisory Committee; SMPH Admissions Committee; SMPH Tenure Track Promotions Committee; the BMI Library Committee; and, of course, many other departmental committees.I

    have always liked libraries. I hung out in them as a child, did my boy scout service project in one, and married a librarian. I have advocated for important online resources to be made available for my departments and, when I was president of a national association which publishes a journal, supervised a transfer of publishers to one which was library-friendly. I have always admired the great jobs which our campus librarians do, especially in times of diminishing support, and am interested in helping them out.

    Professor. Member of the faculty since 2001. Current member: Biological Sciences Research Committee. Former member: Basic Sciences in Medical and Professional Student Education Work Group, SMPH; Faculty Senate; Health Sciences Minimal Risk IRB.

    Like all members of the University community, I’ve watched libraries transform over time. As a graduate student at UW, I remember walking through the stacks at the Middleton and Memorial Libraries. Now as a faculty researcher, I have a greater appreciation for libraries as resources for much more than finding old books and journals. Instead, libraries support a very wide variety of activities with many different types of resources. As a member on the University Library Committee, I would be pleased to support librarians and libraries on campus and they constantly evolve and innovate to serve the educational and research missions of the UW.

  • Committee on Committees: candidate statements

    Committee on Committees candidate statements

    Current membership:


    Professor. Department of Surgical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, since 1992. Former member (UW-Madison) of University Planning Council and Campus Planning Committee. Current member (UW-Madison): Laser Safety Committee, X-ray Safety Committee, Committee on Access and Accommodation in Instruction. Current member (UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine): Radiology and Radiation Oncology Section Head, Dean’s Advisory Committee on Promotions.
    I value faculty governance and committee service. I would be happy to work with this committee to promote both.

    Associate Professor (Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Public Heath)

    Representative University service & honors:

    Member of faculty since 2003
    Faculty Senate alternate, District 96: 2008-2009
    Faculty Senator, District 96: 2010-2016
    Assistant Director, UW Institute for Clinical and Translation Research (ICTR) Clinical Research Unit: 2006-present
    Recipient Community-University Partnership Award, 2017

    As a member of the university community since 2003, I am honored to be nominated to serve on the Committee on Committees. I am committed to sustaining and strengthening the academic mission of UW-Madison. As such, I will work hard to preserve academic freedom, the UW-Madison faculty governance structure, and ensure all university community members are fairly represented.