College of L&S Academic Planning Council – Joint Session with CALS

College of L&S Academic Planning Council – Joint Session with CALS

Tuesday, February 15, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Location: 260 Bascom

The first portion of this meeting will be convened in joint session with the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Academic Planning Council. Per Faculty Policies and Procedures 3.08, each dean shall lead discussion of her and his college council, and action on items presented for a vote will be taken up as individual items by each

1. Welcome and Introductions
a. Review Agenda
b. Revisions to Agenda
2. Request for Comment: Proposed Campus Policy on Digital Badges “Digital Badges Policy and Process” DCS presentation to UAPC, 1/20/2022 UAPC Doc 20220120.014 (1/20/2022) DCS Digital Badge Proposal form:
Upon conclusion of this discussion, the joint session will adjourn and the L&S APC will continue with the following agenda:
3. Consent agenda
a. Approval of notes – February 1, 2022
b. Request for comment: UW-Madison, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Life Sciences Communication, “Certificate in Science Communication” Proposal:
c. Request to Discontinue Subject Listing, East Asian Area Studies (E A STDS, Subject Code 298)
4. Academic Program Actions, Mead Witter School of Music
a. Request to Revise Bachelor of Music, Music Performance (MUS 688)
b. Request to Create Eight Named Options, BM: Music Performance
i. Jazz
ii. Piano
iii. Organ
iv. Guitar
v. Strings
vi. Brass, Percussion, Woodwinds
vii. Composition
viii. Voice
5. Consultations of the Dean: Continued Discussion, Digital Badge Policy

Open to the public