College of Letters & Science Academic Planning Council meeting on 02/01/2022

College of Letters & Science Academic Planning Council meeting on 02/01/2022 at 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Meeting will take place at 52 Bascom Hall


  1. Welcome, updates, announcements
  2. Consent agenda
    1. Approval of notes, January 18, 2022
    2. INTER-LS Subject Listing (Revised Guidelines and Procedure)
  1. Academic Program Actions: Political Science: Request to Create Undergraduate Certificate in Political Science
    Lumen Programs Proposal:
  2. Academic Program Review
    1. Mid-term Report on Program Review
    2. Prior business: Biology Core Curriculum Response to Program Review (proposed bylaws, leadership structure)


  1. Consultations of the Dean:  Request to Create Campus-wide policy on Digital Badges (first discussion)

Elaine’s notes and examples of existing(?) badges:

From Open Badges IMS Global Learning Consortium, “”, compilation of 36 UW-Madison Badges:

  • many of these contain descriptions without any information about program sponsorship or links to a site that offers guidance on earning the credential
  • dead links abound
  • searching UW-Madison site may lead to a logical sponsor (e.g., Badger Precollege programs) with no information about the “badge”

Wisconsin School of Business, Undergraduate Business Badger Badges:

Division of Continuing Studies, Professional Degrees & Certificates,

Fundamentals of Online Teaching:

Writing Certificates:  Writing Fiction, Writing Nonfiction

Writing Certificate Badges: Writing Fiction I, Writing Fiction II, Writing Nonfiction I, Writing Nonfiction II

Advanced Dementia Care (badgr; Continuing Studies)

Prepared to Teach (badgr; dead link to CTLM/Provost’s office)


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