College of Letters and Science Academic Planning Council on 11/01/2022

College of Letters and Science Academic Planning Council on 11/01/2022 at 1:00 pm

Meeting will take place at: 52 Bascom Hall

1. Announcements/Information

2. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of notes – October 4, 2022
b. Biology Core Curriculum (BIOCORE), Honors
Lumen Proposal:

3. Request for Comment:
a. School of Education, proposal to discontinue BSE Communication Sciences and Disorders (SED 216)
Lumen Proposal:
b. Wisconsin School of Business, M.S. Business: Data, Insights, and Analytics (MSDIA)
Lumen Proposal:

4. Approval Items:
a. Request to discontinue Bachelor’s in Microbiology (BA 677) in L&S
Lumen Proposal:
b. Mead Witter School of Music request to make changes to the Music: Education, B.M. (“Parent” plan) and create two new Named Options.
Lumen Proposal (MUSC697: Music: Education)
i. New Named Option: “Instrumental/General”
ii. New Named Option: “Choral/General”

Guests: Martha Fischer, Professor of Music and Associate Director Mead Witter School of Music and Todd Reck, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

5. Academic Program Review: Interdisciplinary Theater Studies:
Doctoral Minor, Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies (GMIN970)
MA‐Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies (MA 970L&S)
Doctoral Program, Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies (PHD 970L&S)

6. Academic Program Actions: Portuguese Graduate Program Restructuring (second discussion)

7. Consultations of the Dean

Open to the public