COI Committee Meeting on 01/15/2021

COI Committee Meeting on 01/15/2021 at 08:30am

Meeting will take place remotely:

The COI committee will review and approve minutes from the previous
committee meeting and make general announcements.
The COI committee reviews and discusses outside activities reports and their
relationship to an individual’s UW employment, whether management plans are
appropriate for outside activities. Discussion of these issues in open session could
hamper the University’s ability to ensure full and complete disclosure and discussion
of outside activities, and their impact on an individual’s institutional responsibilities
and employment at the University. As such, they will be discussed in closed session
under Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(c).
Finally, the COI Committee will discuss changes to the COI Policy for 2021.

Open with a closed session

Earliest start time of closed session will be: 08:35

Section 19.85(1)(c). Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance data of any public employee over whom the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility (Example: Consideration by a departmental executive committee of job applicants, performance reviews, teaching evaluations or merit increases)