Affirmative Action Resolution of the Faculty

Originally designated as Faculty Legislation II-300 (1974-04-01)


The Faculty Senate hereby declares its support for vigorous implementation of the university’s program of affirmative action in hiring women and members of minority groups. We therefore recommend:

  1. That departmental faculties use all appropriate avenues and procedures to seek qualified women and minority faculty members. This should include listing positions in national professional journals and with appropriate agencies, and giving the same consideration to applicants identified through these means as is given to those identified through more traditional means.
  2. That deans and other administrators, before approving new appointments, ascertain whether the departments involved have made appropriate efforts to recruit qualified women and minority group faculty members.
  3. That where departments having few women or minority members have identified women or minority candidates for faculty appointments, additional budget support, where necessary, be provided to facilitate such appointments.
  4. That departments encourage qualified undergraduate women and minority students to attend graduate school, and that particular efforts be made to provide such financial assistance as is necessary to make graduate study feasible for these students, who will be a future source of university faculty members.

[UW Madison Faculty Senate Minutes – 1 April 1974]