Academic Planning Council on 03/03/2022

Academic Planning Council on 03/03/2022 at 9:00 a.m.Meeting will take place at the meeting link:

Meeting ID: 974 4855 2638 Passcode: 470108 Join by phone: 312-626-67998:50–9:00 1. Enter meeting room early to connect with each other and troubleshoot any technical issues9:00–9:05 2. Welcome and check in9:05–9:06 3. Approval of February 3, 2022 minutes by unanimous consent9:06–9:31 4. Sustainability Graduate and Undergraduate curriculum proposal (vote to reject or recommend)—Paul Robbins9:31–9:56 5. Draft FY23 budget information–Colleen Godfriaux9:56–9:58 6. Review action items and next steps; next meeting April 7, 20229:58 7. AdjournOpen to the public