Academic Planning Council Meeting on 04/19/2022

Academic Planning Council Meeting on 04/19/2022 at 01:00 PMMeeting will take place at 52 Bascom Hall,1. Announcements/Information2. Consent agendaa. Approval of notesi. March 1, 2022ii. April 5, 2022b. Minor program changesi. Request to create a new doctoral-level program code (DMAJ) to facilitate student request to pursue joint PhD (German and Second Language Acquisition)Lumen Structures: Request to revise Classification of Instruction (CIP) code For Doctoral Program in Second Language AcquisitionLumen Structures: Action: Department of English: Proposal to Establish a New Centerfor Teaching and Research on Writing (CTRW) (Second Reading)Guests: Anja Wanner, Enid H. Anderson Professor of English and Chair, Department of English; Michael Bernard-Donals, Chaim Perelman Professor of Rhetoric and Culture, and the Executive Director of the Center for Teaching and Research on Writing Initiative4. Academic Program Review: Doctoral Program in Mass Communication (PHD 630L&S/ PHD 630ALS)5. Consultations of the Dean: review and discussion of Draft Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion of the Teaching Professor Title Series (draft date April 11, 2022)Open to the public