Academic Planning Council Meeting on 04/05/2022

Academic Planning Council Meeting on 04/05/2022 at 01:00 PMMeeting will take place at 52 Bascom Hall,1. Announcements and Updates:a. Recent UAPC approvalsb. UAPC Policy on Digital Badges – UAPC Doc 20220324.016 pdfc. Program discontinuation: Grad Certificate in Public Humanities2. Consent agendaa. Approval of notes – March 1,2022b. Academic Program Change: Mead-Witter School of Music, Discontinuation of Unused “Pre-Major” Program CodesSee: Academic Program Reviewa. Department of German, Nordic, Slavic+: Review of Undergraduate Certificate in East Central European Languages, Literatures and Cultures4. Other Actionsa. Department of English: Proposal to Establish a New Center for Teaching and Research on Writing (CTRW) (First Reading)Discussion:5. Consultations of the Dean: Request for Comment on Proposed changes to Policy on Academic Program ReviewFor reference:Campus Policy, Program Review Guidelines Program Review Policy – to the public